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Deanna D
Massage Gina provided me with a very therapeutic massage in a very calming environment. I appreciated her gift, energy, and her time. My body and spirit left happy.
Rafael B
Great massage Gina gives excellent massage. She is a true professional and I've returned to her for my massages.
Kimberly S
As usual Gina is the best. Works very hard at getting the knots out of my neck and back.
Carlissa V
Deep Tissue Massage Gina did an amazing job and I can't wait to go back.
Stacy White
Best deep tissue massage EVER! I have been getting massages for the past 25 years and this was really the absolute best massage I've ever had! I felt like she was untying knots that have been in my shoulders for years. Almost brought tears to my eyes I felt such relief. Not only is she excellent at what she does, she's so pleasant as well ;) I will definitely be returning.
Karen N
Ahhhhh-mazing!! Gina is absolutely amazing. I had my massage yesterday and am beyond satisfied! I will be going back! (Lots!)
Vimala T
Excellent massage. I really enjoyed. Very relaxing. The place is clean and warm. I did not feel like getting up. Thank you Gina for the great work.
Great Experience Gina was really attentive and helpful in finding areas I needed help with. It was a really good experience all around.
Great Experience Gina is a great job. Very relaxing massage and she was very professional. I would definitely go back to her again.
Gale A
Thanks I always enjoy your massages; wish I could have one once a week. Thank you!
Andrea Y
Very Relaxing Massage! The massage was very relaxing... so much that I just wanted to fall asleep on the table for an afternoon nap. I will definitely be back!
Pam C
Wish it could last all day An hour just isn’t enough time! Gina finds all my sore spots and really tries to work them out. My husband felt comfortable with her as well. We both recommend that you give Gina a chance to make you feel relaxed.
Cheri C
Wonderful Once again a great massage. Thanks so much.
Raquel M
Deep tissue Massage. The environment is calm .Nice background music.Smells deliciously fresh .ALL this does not compare to wonderful -AMAZING massage I got from Gina.Thank you so Much !
First Class Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina provided a very professional and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend using the great massage service she provides.
Kim S
Gina I cannot begin to tell people how awesome she is. Gina is the ONLY one I will go to now.
Jasmine G
Gina's phenomenal If you're looking for a professional masseuse to relieve those sore muscles, Gina's your girl. She plays a very important role in my sometimes stressful life!
Pam C
Gina was great! I’ve already booked my next massage!
Gloria P
Great massage every time! Thank you Gina for always making me feel better
Gloria P
Great massage every time! Thank you Gina for always making me feel better
Healing Massage! As a PhD student I encounter many daily stressors and tend to hold that stress in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Gina provided an extremely relaxing and comfortable environment, and one of the most enjoyable massages I have ever received. Since the massage a few days ago, I no longer find myself rolling my neck or shrugging my shoulders throughout the day as an attempt to relieve tension. I highly recommend Gina!
Yvonne P
Magic This was my second visit & I will return. I absolutely love the professionalism. My last masseuse talked too much. I'm there to relax & that's exactly what Gina does!! I'll be back next month!!
Yvonne P
Magic This was my second visit & I will return. I absolutely love the professionalism. My last masseuse talked too much. I'm there to relax & that's exactly what Gina does!! I'll be back next month!!
Carmen R
Those hands!! Y’all!! I’ve been looking for some magic hands like Gina’s for a long time. My main massage girl ( years ago) had move far far away. When I say I’ve been searching high and low - it’s true!! Gina has some skills!!! I felt thke knots literally leave my body... loved it!!
Alyssa R
Wonderful 1st Massage Experience!!! I was always nervous to get a massage but Now I’ll never be nervous again! Gina did an amazing job and I will definitely be coming back to her for my next massage!
Marilyn M
Amazing massage!! Gina was so great and actually cared for the problem areas I had. She did an amazing job on providing relief on my tention areas. She’s so sweet and really does focus on where you need more attention.
Karen N
Ahhhhh-mazing!! Gina is absolutely amazing. I had my massage yesterday and am beyond satisfied! I will be going back! (Lots!)
Kim S
Amazing Everytime I see Gina, I feel so relaxed when I leave. She is the best.
Cheri C
As always Thank you Thanks again Gina for another great massage. Looking forward to my monthly reoccurring massage glad you came up with that see you next month. Cheri
Kari W
Amazing I have had several massages at different spas and a massage envy membership, and she is by far the best deep tissue massage I've ever had!
Anne R
Amazing massage, friendly service! Gina was great! She was super sweet and welcoming. I asked for medium pressure and she delivered. I also had specific instructions and she was very understanding. Envirionment was very relaxing as well. I definitely recommend getting a massage with her!
Awesome! She is very attentive to the areas that need the most work :) I always leave feeling better than we I came in. She takes the time to ask after each massage "How do you feel?"
Lisa W
Best Experience Gina is a very sweet and great person. The aroma she produces is wonderful and she is very gifted ! I loved every bit of my session, halfway sleep the whole time. Calm music, beautiful background, lovely smell, what more can you ask for. She even offers complimentary tea bags. Great first time experience, I felt so energetic afterwards !!!!
Tina Grimes
Best Massage Gina Is absolutely marvelous. I have gone to her for years now.
Rhonda E
Awwwwwwwesome Gina was able to work out my knots and relieve my shoulder pain. Great massage!
Randy N
Awesome massage specialist! Can't wait to go back, beautiful room and very professional
Stacey C
Best Massage Ever I have had many great deep tissue massages in my life, but this was the best. The concentration on problem areas and deliberateness of her motions really made it spectacular. The room is comfortable and the music is fantastic! Could not recommend enough!!
Sherrie M
Gina I have been going to Gina for massages over the last 5 years and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She is awesome and does such a great job.
Jean V
Gina at Sacred Senses Spa Gina is a great massage therapist, very professional, very caring and I would definitely recommend her for all your needs.
Sherrie M
Gina Veronisi I have been going to Gina over 5 years and she is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. She knows where to concentrate her efforts and is concerned about the health and well-being of her clients.
Great Experience A top 5 massage ever. Very relaxing. Very professional.
Natalie W
Great Experience I used the Groupon for a 60 minute deep tissue massage, and it was awesome! One of the best massages I've ever had
Larry P
Great Massage Just had a massage from Gina and it was a very good massage and it helped a lot with the pain I was having in my back and neck. I would highly recommend her for your massage needs.
Mary C
Great Massage I haven't had a massage in a couple of years. Gina was fantastic. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. Many thanks Gina. Hope to get another soon.
Stephenie S
Great massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I liked the ambiance of the suite. The therapist was professional and seemed knowledgeable. I'll definitely be back.
Great Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina was great! Massage was very relaxing and just what I needed. She was good at regulating pressure and focused on the problem areas I requested. Her studio is very nice and clean. I will be back for sure!
David F
Great massage My wife gifted me with a post hip operation massage at Sacred Senses. Gina did a great job of loosening muscles and relieving soreness related to surgery. Highly recommend.
Deborah K
Great Massage Gina always is very professional and her massages are so relaxing
Donna S
Great place if you need some Zen time The ambiance that Gina sets is so incredibly relaxing. I had a deep tissue massage on my problem areas, back and shoulders. I left feeling so calm and relaxed. Wonderful experience.
Elizabeth G
Just what I needed Gina has a gift! This massage was thorough and felt amazing.
Victoria C
Loved my massage! Gina was so friendly! The whole atmosphere and setup was relaxing, and I enjoyed every moment of my massage. Very happy customer!
Cheri C
Thank you Once again a great massage ~ Thanks
Kim S
The best I had the best massage ever. Gina, I slept all night and didn't wake up once. That hasn't happened in years.
Kim S
The Best I keep going back because she is that good.
Kim S
The best Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I have had a lot of massages, but Gina is by far the best.
Missy D
Top Notch Gina was very professional, thoughtful, and kind in her approach. I left feeling refreshed. Very good experience!
Tom B
Total relaxation She found all sore an tight muscles an worked them out.Felt much better after.
Mason W
Very calming, therapeutic and relaxing Excellent way to relax but to also tackle troubled areas and tight muscles that have caused me issues on and off. Great, professional service! A+
Alyssa D
Wonderful Gina was wonderful, this was one of the best massages I have received.
Wonderful! I had a wonderful experience at Sacred Senses! The massage was perfect! The setting was very relaxing. I would recommend Gina to anyone looking for a relaxing massage! :)
Heather S
Wonderful Massage Gina is a truly gifted and intuitive therapist. I always anticipate my massage,and I never leave disappointed.
Chloe H
Worth it. I had such a relaxing experience. Ive been terrified of getting a massage due to extreme shoulder pain. Gina, made me comfortable and calm AND worked out the source of my issues. The environment she provides along with her talent make the experience unforgettable. I couldnt help but brag and will be back
Kristal E
60 min massage My massage was very relaxing and enjoyable. I will definitely return.
Terri J
Wonderful hands! Thoroughly relaxing. She works wonders with her hands. Amazing.
Abby S
60 min massage Amazing!! Best massage ever!!
60 minute deep tissue massage I have some major health issues and I feel a massage helps get the toxins out of my body and Gina is very good. Very professional and very caring. Look forward to my next massage and I know my body is too.
Danielle S
5 Stars Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist My experience with Gina was absolutely phenomenal. Very professional, very calm, very soothing.
Cindy K
90 minute massage Absolutely wonderful experience with relaxing massage addressing stress and also exercise induced issues. Will come back.
Brooke P
Absolutely amazing Beautiful place & Gina was phenomenal! The perfect relaxation treat!
Michele Gomez
Always a great massage! I've been going to Gina for a year now and plan to continue going to her. Her massages are so great! 90 mins isn't even enough time! Never disappointed.
Montoya R
AMAZING Gina was soooo good! This was the best massage I have had in a long time. Gina was attentive to my troubled areas and focused on them. Here pressure was perfect and I felt like a new person when I left the spa! AMAZING! Thanks Gina!
Brandy H
Amazing The atmosphere was great and the massage was wonderful !
Kari M
Amazing Gina is very good at her job. I leave there relaxed and feeling better each time!
Sondra P
A wonderful treat! Gina is great at creating a relaxing environment, ensuring you are comfortable, and delivering a fabulous massage. Only a few hours after my first massage, I went out and bought a package so I can get more massages.
Shari K
Best massage ever! Gina is very professional and seriously the best massage I have ever had!
Hollie C
Best massage I've ever had!! I am so pleased with Gina. I cannot wait to schedule my next appointment. Her hands are like velvety butter. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep and woke up feeling completely refreshed. What an amazing experience! I cannot recommend her highly enough!!
Brett W
Excellent Massage Gina provided a much needed relaxing massage. My appointment started right on time and Gina did delay in working the trouble spots I told her about before the session. Her touch was just enough, but I could tell that she could have provided an even deeper massage. It was perfect!
Larry G
Exceptional Service As a new client I was pleased by warm the atmosphere and Gina's matching personality. The massage was almost magical it seems as I felt the tension and stress expertly manipulated from my body. I would definitely recommend Sacred Senses Spa.
Mesha C
Excellent Job! Gina did a wonderful job and I will definitely be returning again. Her massage is very relaxing and she focused on key areas that I requested.
Gloria P
Fantastic massage Gina is very good! I always enjoy my massage. She always asks what I want worked on and she always relieves my stress or pain!! Keep up the good work Gina!!
Gloria P
Fantastic massage Gina is very good! I always enjoy my massage. She always asks what I want worked on and she always relieves my stress or pain!! Keep up the good work Gina!!
Joe G
Gina I would highly recommend Gina she does a great job
Clyda H
Gina's Skill Set is in a Class by Itself Definitely one of the best massages I've ever received including Europe, Canada, and Asia! I have lots of physical issues and she treated the trigger point areas with skill rather than brute strength which leads to bruising with other therapists. I felt she was assessing my individual needs and then treating each problem as she worked through each section of my body! I was VERY satisfied with my session with Gina! Well done, indeed!
Sherrie M
Gina V. I would refer my family and closest friends to Gina for a massage. I have been going to her for over 4 years and she is the best massage therapist I have had in my 20 years of getting massages.
April Y
Great experience! High quality massage, wonderful atmosphere, professional massage therapist!
Cheri C
Great massage Thanks Gina for another great massage.
Don A
Great Massage I'm jumping over tall buildings today... Thank you.. 5 Star massage...😄
Teresa H
Great massages I have problems with my neck and shoulders Gina was able to relieve my pain and relax my tension
Keara F
magic hands She does a wonderful job and is very professional!
Shirley M
Massage I came in with a problem and Gina went right to work on the area in question. The massage helped greatly to loosen me up.
Massage Gina is the best. I have many health issues and she makes me feel so much better. I have been going to her for almost two years. I just so thankful for her talents in making me feel so good.
Diana S
Massage Great service! I loved my massage, i felt very comfortable and relaxed. I definitely recommend Ms Gina!
Chris T
massage I have a lower back pain and Gina did aamazing job. Highly recommend her
Tony a
Massage I read the reviews on Sacred Senses and went in with high expectations. I had tension across my upperback into my neck. Gina exceeded all expectations. I left there exhilarated and my pain and tension was completely gone. I highly recommend Sacred Senses massage
Michele G
Massage I have been going to Gina now for several months. She does the best job! Highly recommend her for a massage.
Shirley M
Massage Therapy Gina listens well to the problems I outlined. I feel much better after the massage and look forward to being able to recover from a lot of pain I have had for 6 months.
Stephanie G
One of the best I've ever had I have had well over 100 massages and this was one of the best. The room was warm and inviting (the table was soft and heated), the mood music was tranquil and relaxing. The amount of pressure Gina used was perfect. She worked on my muscles without hurting me and never said a word the entire massage. I couldn't of asked for anything more.
Scott P
Very Relaxing Gina does a great job listening and making the massage a great experience.
Holly W
Relaxing Very good and so relaxing. Will book again
Cindy P
Relaxing Experience I need a tranquil and relaxing experience, which Gina gave me with flying colors. Highly recommend
Carla D
Massage I love seeing Gina. She lifts me emotionally and gives me peace physically
Shelby B
Amazing I felt like a new woman after! It was so relaxing and my neck and shoulders felt such relief after. I will be going to her again and getting my hubby one too!
Patricia T
Amazing!! Gina is absolutely amazing! The whole experience was very relaxing. I'm the type that likes peace and quiet during a massage and not a lot of chit chat and Gina completely respected that. I was able to truly relax and just enjoy the experience. Thank you so much Gina! I will be seeing you again.
Regina S
Amazing I had the most relaxing and most beneficial massage I've ever had. I've been to several other places and never felt like I got my money's worth. But Gina is awesome.
amazing!!! I have been in chronic pain for several years due to a bulging disk and degeneration disease in my neck. My pain has been so bad that I have to take pain medicine just to get through the day. I had my 1st deep tissue massage with Gina yesterday and I have not felt this good in years. It's almost miraculous. In 1 session Gina has helped ease my pain more than powerful drugs and so called specialists. I will definitely become one of her best customers. Still hard to believe 1 session has helped my pain so much.
Michelle E
Amazing Massage! I definitely recommend this place. It was one of the top massages I have had in a long time. The room promotes relaxation and Gina worked on the areas I was having issues with and did the full body massage for the full 60 mins. I felt so relaxed and much better the next day. THANKS!
Cheri C
Great massage as usual Gina is great, she is the best massage therapists around. I can't remember how long I have been getting my massages from her, but recommend that everyone needs to experience a wonderful massage by Gina.
Kim K
Deep tissue Massage After my 3rd or 4th massage with Gina, I declare her the best, most relaxing massage I've ever had. Wouldn't have taken the time to review, if I didn't think so.
Osa L
5 star massage Gina has a good spirit that matches her techniques! Many say they can massage yet does not get to the spots. Gina got to the spots!!! One of the best massages and I travel all over the world and she is in the top 3!!! I
Elizabeth F
Awesome! Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Wonderful massage. Exactly what I needed. Ty
Jacob H
Awesome Very relaxing and was able to give me almost instant relief with medium pressure deep tissue massage.. Worth every penny.
Valerie H
Awesome Felt really good after my massage. Next day a little sore but to be expected after all of the knots I had. Felt good.
Crystal H
Awesome! One of the best massages I've ever had!
Crystal C
awesome! great massage. thank you!!
Scott P
awesome awesome awesome This is the place I will be calling home for a massage. The therapist is very skilled and knew how to work the knots out. Gina is the best - run don't walk.
Jason C
Awesome massage! Great Pressure! My back felt great!
Oana S
Awesome massage... Relaxing and simply magic, Gina is the best!
Andrea E
awesome services Gina is awesome and very profitable. I highly recommend everyone to book a massage today..This also makes a great gift.
Sherrie M
Best Ever I have been getting massages for more than 10 years and I have to say, Gina is the best. She makes sure you walk away feeling better, relaxed and anticipating your next massage.
shari k
best massage Gina is very professional and it was such a relaxing experience!
Nicki W
Best massage! I highly recommend! Very relaxing!
Best massage ever Best massage I have ever had. Will become a regular
Tonya J
Best massage ever! Gina was very professional and her spa environment was very relaxing. She listened to my request and delivered the exact massage that my body needed. I will definitely be back.
kimberly p
Best massage EVER!! Never disappoints!! Will return again and again.
Crystal Reeder
best massage experience ever. Gina was gentle but very effective with the heavy pressure I need to achieve my massage goals. I have been bruised in past experiences. Gina was very compassionate and knowledgeable as well. I would recommend her services to everyone. She well deserves more than 5 stars.
Enriqueta P
Excellent massage!!! This was by far the best massage I've ever had!! Gina is definitely a master of her craft!! I will go back again!!
Brooke M
Excellent work! Gina does an excellent job. She gives a wonderful, relaxing massage and is always so pleasant to speak with! Thank you, Gina!
Amanda V
Massage Felt amazing after an hour massage with Gina
Lauren C
Professional and does great work! Gina is very professional and helped relieve my sore and tight muscles during my massage. I will definitely be back!
Connie W
Great Experience A massage by Gina is always such a treat of soothing relaxation.
Joy C
More than I expected The perfect massage! Gina did exactly what I requested and more.
Kelly Y
Best Massage Ever I received the best massage I've ever had from Gina. She was wonderful! I can't wait to go back!
Mary C
Very Nice Gina was very professional and nice. I am no longer (so far) having issues with my neck pain.
Rhonda H
Wonderful! I have only one complaint, my hour was up way too soon. Gina was absolutely wonderful. She worked on the specific places we discussed and went over and above to make me feel great. I will definitely use her again and highly recommend her.
Carla D
Massage I not only get a relaxing, much needed massage, I get filled emotionally and mentally with Gina
Loretta H
Full body massage Excellent massage and restful pleasant surroundings.
Wonderful Healing Experience I suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain due to my work, the deep tissue massage therapy did more to relieve my pain than I expected. Gina really knows how to address the problem areas , I would highly recommend that if you are experiencing any degree of pain or soreness that you give Gina an opportunity to help, she has helped me beyond my expectations.
So Relaxing What a great message I had with Gina. I was so relaxed and felt great when the session was over. Highly recommended
Paige M
Best Massage in Years!!! Clean and comfortable. Very relaxing! She found troubled areas without me pointing them out. Improved tenge of motion and no soreness. AWESOME EXERIENCE!!! I will be visiting regularly!
Donna N
Body Massage Excellent massage and will be back for more!
Pam K
Calming Experience From the time I arrived until my departure, I felt a sense of calm and peacefulness. Gina has a firm but beneficial touch. She can zero in on the muscles that are tight and need a little extra attention. It was a very pleasant experience, and I would not hesitate to use her services again.
holly g
best massage I've ever had! Gina was wonderful. I told her about all my massage horror stories and she put them to even more shame. She is seriously the best massage session I've ever had. I highly recommend her!
Andise A
Da Bomb Gina is so professional and polite. Has a very warm welcome. Definitely will be back.
Shaun T
Beyond Awesome!! My husband bought me a massage for Mother's Day and I was able to redeem my voucher yesterday!! By far the best experience!! Every spot was hit with the perfect touch!! I've already passed your business card on and told my husband he is next....but I will be returning for sure!!!
Ghinica B
deep tissue massage Great massage, very professional with great knowledge of the body anatomy,strong hands.I highly recommend Gina Veronesi.She is the best masseuse.
Dennis H
Body Massage Excellent massage. I had a bike wreck on a mountain bike trail 2 days before the massage. I went down a steep hill to cross a creek, flipped over the front handle bars and body slammed face first into the creek and onto some rocks. Fortunately nothing was broken, strained or pulled, but I was cut, scrapped and beat black and blue. I had bruises and cuts up and down both legs, and a few on both arms. By the second day I was feeling the soreness and couldn't wait for the massage. Gina was very thorough from head to toe and worked out the soreness and tension. Also, the bruises began to dissipate and I had no more soreness the day after. The massage worked wonders. I'll definitely be back (hopefully not after a crash). Thank you very much Gina.
Esmeralda Jimenez
Deep Tissue massage Gina was so amazing! She knew exactly where to massage and my experience was extremely satisfactory. I can't wait to go back.
Jimmy M
Enjoyable Massage Gina provides a great massage and creates a cozy environment as well with her work space. I was very impressed and will be back.
Excellence Gina's quality massage, location, and personality all ad up to me being a very pleased customer.
Kevin J
Exceelent massage I came to Gina with soreness in both my legs. My hamstrings and calfs were knots and I walked away pain free. Thanks, Gina
Excellent Gina is an excellent therapist. Very professional. Doesn't talk during massage, which is welcomed as it is to be a relaxing experience. Facility was clean & quiet.
Joan C
Excellent Living in Asia I've had my share of great massages, so I can honestly say Gina did an excellent job. I love a nice firm massage, I don't bruise easily, and Gina delivered. She has the touch that released many knots and I went away feeling relaxed.
Excellent massage! Truly enjoy and appreciate Gina's skills and ability to find those lovely knots and get rid of them! I highly recommend Sacred Senses Spa, and am so ready for my next visit.
Wendi K
Fabulouse Massage Great massage would definitely go back again. Very relaxing!
susan m
Gina's Deep Tissue Massage Oh my goodness...the best, most thorough massage I have ever received:)
Debi T
Great massage Gina is terrific. I enjoyed the massage, have no more pain, and can turn my head for the first time in weeks!
Tammy P
Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina, I've had several massages and I think you were definitely the best I have had. It was so relaxing I didn't want to get up. I will definitely be back and referring you to my friends. Thank you!
sherri k
Massage I have been to different massage therapists, but continue to go back to Gina because you leave there knowing you have had a beneficial massage!!
Jennifer M
So wonderfully calming I feel great! Gina really spends times on the areas you need worked on, I could literally feel the tension being taken away with every touch.
Upper Body Massage. Excellent
Very Relaxing Great massage and relaxing environment. Highly recommend.
Christina L
EXCELLENT!!! Amazing job and always professional!
Wonderful! Customized massage. Not sure how Gina knew which areas to focus on, but she did and it was great!
Wonderful massage! I will return for more services! Very relaxing and professional.
grisel z
extremely satisfied Gina is wonderful. I always feel refreshing after my appointment with her. Definitely will continue with her.
Kelly J
Fabulous massage I discovered Gina while purchasing a groupon. I have since been back and have received such relief for tight muscles. She is professional, thorough and most certainly listens to her clients. She never rushes and really has a passion to serve people. I'm so blessed to have found her.
Fabulous Massage!! Gina, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Wow, if want to feel Fantastic, visit Gina and let her give you a Fabulous Massage!! Fans Massage!!!
Terry C
Best Massage! Had a 90 min. Massage with Gina. It was really the best massage I ever had. I will define tale go back!
April E
Fantastic Masseuse Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina is extremely professional and quiet while working on your body. She provides wonderful massages and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
Kimberly p
Feeling so much better!!! Went in with shoulder pain. Came out with much relief! Will definitely return.
Karen T
Felt like a new womans Gina was very professional yet warm and easy to talk with. She listened to me patiently while I let her know what I wanted to achieve from my massage. During the massage, the music was relaxing, the temperature in the room was very comfortable, the sheets and blankets on the massage table were really soft and didnt smell like massage oil. She used the perfect amount of pressure during my massage, I found my self relaxing very quickly and I really enjoyed every minute of my massage. I will definitely tell my friends and family!
Jacklyn K
First Time at Sacred Senses Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I bought a groupon just to try a massage at Sacred Senses to see what it was like. I was THRILLED with my purchase. Gina was fantastic, gave me a perfect massage, not too deep and not to light. For anyone with aches and pains, or for someone who wants a general relaxing massage I would highly recommend Gina!! Wonderful experience!!
Jorge L
First Time User Gina is a very talented and kind person who makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. This has been my first ever message and because of Ginas's expert skill set, it will not be my last. When it was all said and done, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation that I honestly did not expect. Gina sets the mood to allow your body to respond in a positive way, all the while getting an amazing massage. I would highly recommend Gina as a professional masseuse to anyone that is interested in getting much more than a simple back rub. Very pleased with her and the Sacred Senses Spa.
Allan R
First Visit The message was better than my wife said it would be and she raves over hers.
Darlene C
Five Stars! Enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing massage with Gina! I requested firm pressure massage and it was perfect! Very professional, I highly recommend her!
Kay Z
full body massage This was my first massage and Gina did a great job. I would recommend her to anyone.
Pam M
FULL BODY MASSAGE I had a full body massage. It was a gift from a friend and I loved it. Gina is very good. It was so soothing.
Gloria P
Full body massage Loved the message. My back, shoulders, neck and head felt so god while she was massaging me, it gave me cold chill bumps! Enjoyed it so much!! Would recvomend her anytime!!
Carla D
full body massage I have been to other places, left feeling bruised and definitely not relaxed ! Gina seems to have blessed hands as she just knows the exact areas I need a little additional treatment . my mind, body and soul are refreshed after leaving her. I will never go anywhere else
full body massage One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time. Gina was so very nice and professional - have already booked my next massage for next month and have decided that I will pamper myself and have one a month.
Nikole A
Gifted massage therapist very thorough, just the right pressure and attention to my problem areas. Very professional. One of the best massage sessions I've ever had
Joyce P
Gift from Husband Absolutely fabulous!!!!
Tina Hyatt
Gina You give a wonderful massage. The low lighting, soothing music, and comfort measures such as electric warming pad and placement of pillows are very comforting.
Theresa B
Gina Very thorough. Worked out all of my aches and pains and made me realize I need this more often.
Gina is a truly gifted hypnotherapist! She also makes a terrific life coach!
Christianne M
Gina is awesome!! I have been to Gina a couple of times and even sent my husband too. Gina does an amazing job and the atmosphere is very peaceful and relaxing.
Enriqueta P
Gina Rocks!!!!!!!!! I will use Gina again & again!!!! Great massage!!!! The best stress reliever ever!!!!!!
Therasa C
GIna & Sacred Senses Spa If you are in need of a relaxing massage or something more therapeutic this place is topnotch. Gina has a wealth of knowledge on techniques and treatments and amazing skilled hands with a healing touch. The atmosphere there is elegant yet comfortable. The spa prices are very competitive yet this spa strives to make themselves accessible to both old and new client both financially and with scheduling. If you haven't been there give it a try. It s also conveniently located inside Legends Salons ~ you could even book yourself or someone you care about to full day of pampering in one place.
Sherrie M
Gina Veronisi I have used many massage therapists within the last 15 years but have never had one a good as Ms. Gina. She is thorough and hits all the hot points and is quiet through the hole massage. I have never gone to sleep on a massage table before - but Gina relaxes me so much that I do fall asleep. I would recommend her to anyone.
Kimberly W
gina was awesome She made me feel comfortable and my body feels awesome
Laura T
Great 90 Minute Massage! Gina did a fantastic job & knew just where the knots & stress were. I felt lighter on my feet afterward, agile. I definitely plan to go back.
Jessie G
Greatest hour of my life! I had a great time! So much better than going to massage envy!
Allison B
Great experience I had a wonderful experience here. My massage was excellent. The pressure was great, she focused on the areas requested, and the atmosphere was very relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and would highly recommend Gina.
Patrick L
Great experience Amazing, professional, quality experience.
Robyn M
Great Experience I wanted to de-stress and relax and that's exactly what Gina helped me do! She is warm, professional and did an amazing job.
James T
Great find Found Gina through a Groupon and glad I did, she listened to concerns and areas of interest and focused on those areas. Her location is convenient, clean and discrete and. Gina's room was very quiet and calming, as was she as a therapist. I definitely plan to return on a regular basis JT Rockwall
Allyson G
Great First Experience with Massages This was my first massage, and after reading reviews for a few places I was little nervous about the experience. However, it ended up being amazing. Gina was extremely nice and took the time to explain her process to me. And while this was my first massage, I feel confident saying that she is very good at what she does. I felt very relaxed and at ease the whole time. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Kim P
Great Job Gina! Gina did a great job...To sum it all up, I'll definitely be using her services again in the near future! Thanks Gina!
Gale A
Great massage I highly recommend Sacred Senses massages!!
Natalie R
Great Massage Gina did an excellent job with my 90 minute Swedish Massage! Very professional - and very relaxing experience. I even dozed off a couple of times I was so relaxed.
Wendy B
Great Massage I always feel great after my massage. I have a lot of knots that she is wonderful at working out and she knows all the pressure points to help with my sinus and allergies. Highly recommend.......
Jodie G
Great massage This was one of the best deep tissue massage I've had. Gina really took her time and worked on my knots and used the perfect amount of pressure. I felt so great, loose, and relaxed afterward.
Nancy P
Great massage Gina was terrific. She took care of my problem areas with just the right amount of pressure. The whole experience was relaxing and left me feeling much better than I felt before I arrived. The lighting was just right. The music was relaxing. The scent of the massage oil was not overwhelming. Will return.
Great massage Gina, did a great job in working out the tightness. I felt so much better.
Violetta S
Great massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina did a great gob finding all my knots and tense spots. I felt much better after massage.
Nikki P
Great massage Gina made it a comfortable experience. She made to take care of the knots in my back and allowed me a relaxing massage for the rest as I requested. Recommend sacred senses spa (Gina)
Deborah K
Great Massage Gina is very good at relaxing massages
Hypnotist session After years of getting massages from Gina, I scheduled a Hypnotist session and was very pleased, it has changed my outlook and I plan to go back.
Rhonda L
Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist You give the best massage i have ever had. I have been getting a massage for 20 years now and none of them compare to yours. You listen to what the body tells you and work with it.
Sheryl N
Massage As always my massage is great. I always feel so much better after my massage. My neck is not near as sore as it was. Thank you.
Jodi W
Massage Gina is great. You feel wonderful.
Sandy F
Massage Gina did an excellent job! She is very professional and I was very pleased with my massage. I will definitely go back to her.
Dolores S
Massage Always very relaxing!
Deborah K
Massage I feel 100 times better when I get my massage. Gina is wonderful
Linda L
message I have had messages before but NOTHING compared to the message I recieved from Gina! I left totally pain free which was the first time I had felt this in montjs and months! We are in the process of moving and I am overdue and in need of Gina's handiwork once again. HOGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!
Donna N
Past Life Regression This experience has helped me understand mySELF in some vivid ways. I researched the 3 past lives that Gina guided me through and found that they are most likely valid. Since this regression, the familiarity of these three lives become enhanced more and more. I see parallels in this life that are hopefully resolving issues from those previous lives. Amazing!!!
Brigitte M
Relaxing The massage was wonderful, very good touch and really was a tension reliver for neck and shoulders.
Susan A
Relaxing and theraputic Gina did an excellent job! She is very polite and professional. he room in the salon was very nice and relaxing. I was so stressed out and tensed up I could barely turn my head. After my massage I felt much better and on a road to recovery.I need to have more massages and not let the stress and tension build up. I absolutely recommend Gina.
Parker S
Review over deep tissue massage Very relaxing, great massage!
Jim T
So Intiutive As always, Gina has a keen sense of using the right pressure and techniques to relieve my soreness and tension from my workouts. When I went in my hamstrings were so tight and an hour later I walked out feeling ready to go work out again. Thank you Gina. You are the best.
Jim T
Superb Skill Gina is the best there is anywhere. She has a great touch and just the right pressure to loosen, relax and free my tired muscles. Always a very quiet and enjoyable atmosphere and well spent hour
Randi P
The best!!!! Literally the best massage therapist I've ever been too! She helps my physically, mentally, and emotionally.....super relaxing, super professional, extremely sweet, and very knowledgable!!!!!
Deborah K
Very Relaxing I really enjoy my massages with Gina. She is very professional and the massages are relaxing and helps relieve all my body pains
Timberly L
Excellent massage The service was very relaxing and I look forward to another service.
Great Massage Gina was amazing. She really listened and focused on the areas I was concerned about.
Jamie W
Thank you I really like the massage
Tina N
nice massage Had my first massage. It was really nice. Relaxing music in the background. She did a great job.
Allan Ritter
Great massage Feel great thanks for the relief
allan r
Spa Great job love them
Jody T
Great massage! A very relaxing, comfortable massage with focus on the exact areas I explained. Would definitely recommend!
Jason G
Great Massage I've been going to Gina for several years now. I can tell a good massage when I stand taller and straighter after a massage. Gina has never disappointed.
Taylor S
Wonderful! I had a groupon for a 1 hour massage with Gina, and every part was wonderful! The atmosphere was very relaxing and I especially loved that she used a coconut oil mix instead of the usual lotion/oil, so after I was not only totally relaxed but my skin felt refreshed and smooth! I definitely recommend Gina!
soraya s
Great massage I received a very relaxing massage yesterday. I would have to say it was one of the best massages I have had. Thank you Gina!
Jason G
Great Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I know a good massage if I feel taller and straighter when it's done. That's always how I feel after Gina has worked her magic on me.
Kimberly K
Great Massage! I had a 90 minute massage with Gina. It was amazing. I love that she didn't feel the need to talk my head off so I could truly relax. Her timing on the 90 minutes was perfectly spread out. She truly did a great job!
Scott W
Great Massage Would highly recommend. Clean, professional, very strong hands. Thoroughly enjoyed, will come back regularly
Amy M
Great massage! Very relaxing. I full enjoyed my massage.
Jackie G
Great massage! Gina does a Great job of getting the kinks out and making you feel relaxed!
Shannon B
Great massage! Gina is a wonderful massage therapist whose hands are very fluid. I left completely relaxed and happy
Great Massage!!!! Gina was meticulous and thorough, applying the right amount of pressure to relieve my knots and soreness. Will go back.
Christina L
Great massage and excellent experience Thank you Gina for the great massage and relief it provided.
Mattia M
Great Massage and Great customer service Very professional and excellent massage therapist. Such relief in my shoulders and lower back its amazing!
Denise D
Great massage - cant wait till the next one! So relaxing
Jennifer M
Greatness Gina is wonderful!! I fall in love every time i go! She really puts you at ease and does a great job at concentrating where you need her to! I recommend her all the time to friends and would to anyone i know!
Jason Z
Great relaxing experience Gina brings a friendly attitude to a great massage experience. Highly recommend her services.
Great Service Gina did a great job with my massage. She used the right about of pressure and really worked out the knots. Friendly and clean environment.
Don A
Great Therapist Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina did a fantastic job on my first visit and was able to relieve most of my back and leg pain. A great therapist. Highly recommend her. Be sure to tell her exactly what your problem is and the result you desire.
Rick S
Great Theraputic Value Gina's skill, expertise and genuine care provide genuine relief from soreness, aches and pains, stress, etc. I highly recommend her.
Sam C
Great work Gina was very attentive to my problematic areas. I had a deep tissue massage and her pressure was perfect. I am a big guy and it was just right. No major soreness the next day. I will be back.
Karen S
Highly recommended! I received an awesome Swedish massage. Gina definitely has the healing touch!
Hot stone massage Great experience will recommend to all! Very relaxing. Gina is professional and very knowledgeable and knew how to address issues I was having
Vicky F
I always look forward to my massage with Gina! Gina gives the most wonderful massage. I leave there so much more energized and with fewer aches and pains.
Karen S
I highly recommend Gina! Through hypnosis she has helped me deal with many things that were going on in my life and I cannot thank her enough. Gina is incredible at what she does and truly cares for the clients well-being.
It was a peaceful atmosphere The 90 minute massage was well worth it. I had a pain in my leg and didn't know that it was tension until she massaged it out !
Jeanine A
Just What the Doctor Ordered! I recently had my first massage with Gina at Sacred Senses Spa and I was really impressed with services delivered. Gina applied the perfect amount of pressure to deliver an excellent, much needed, stress reducing massage. I would have to say that the massage exceeded my expectation and I will be back again soon.
Victoria H
Loved it Several pressure areas and some I was unaware of..! Amazing massage thank you Gina :)
Jennifer P
Loved it! Gina gave a great massage and I will be purchasing a package soon. I can't wait until the next one!
Janice C
Loved it! Best massage ever! Will definitely go back. Thank you, Gina. You do wonderful work.
Vicky F
Love my swedish massages with Gina! I always look forward to my massage with Gina. She is such a professional and I feel like a new person after my massage.
Sarah J
Massage Great job and very nice! Gina worked hard to help all of my problem areas. I would return to have a massage from her again!
Pam W
Massage This was one of the best massages I have ever had. It was very relaxing and relieved a lot of tension. I would recommend making an appointment with Gina. She was very professional and took every measure to make me feel comfortable. The facility was very clean and very inviting.
Jodi W
Massage A really wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone. She was great.
Tony M
massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Great massage. No chit chat. I was able to completely relax and enjoy myself.
vicki j
Massage Gina did a great job; she is very professional, personable and knows how to use those hands!!!!!
Cheryl P
Massage This was my first massage with Gina. I have had many massages other places and this is probably the top of the list of one of the best I have had.Thank you Gina.
Gale A
Massage Great massages. I highly recommend Sacred Senses!!
Kathi D
Massage Very nice, quiet atmosphere. Relaxing!
Jen F
Massage Wonderful experience. Very nice environment. Gina is very good at what she does!
michele g
massage Very happy with my massage by Gina! She payed attention to the areas that needed worked on. I will definitely be back.
Rhonda R
Massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Great massage!! I was so relaxed I fell asleep. :). I will recommend Gina to my friends!
Don A
Massage Another very nice massage by Gina..😃😃
Jodi W
massage Great!!! Highly recommend.
Jan S
massage Gina knows what she's doing. I've had many, many massages...I feel like I've "come home" to the best possible massage. If I have an issue, I walk out with it resolved. She has just the right pressure and can unerringly find the triggers that need a little extra help. Sometimes I don't say a word during my session, and just "be" with the sensations. I will never go anywhere else. I'm thankful I discovered Gina.
Gina C
Massage Best massage I've had in a long time!! I will go back again to Gina!!
Jennifer S
Massage Expert hands. Enjoyed it every time. Truly relaxing. Thanks Gina!
Jennifer S
Massage Gina is exactly what I need. Gives great massages. Right pressure and totally relaxing!
Janis L
massage The massage was excellent. Very relaxing and comfortable.
Linda Y
massage This was a wonderful experience. The pressure was exactly correct. It was incredibly relaxing and so beneficial for relief of sore muscles. Thanks so very much,L.Yaryan
Carolyn J
Massage i have been going to Gina for about two years, she is the best!!! Definitely wouldn't want to go to anyone else! Thank you, Gina!!!
Mona R
Massage on 7/7/14 She had a very pleasant manner and gave a skillful massage. I would recommend her to a friend.
Denise B
Massage Review I thought you were absolutely wonderful!... I marked "firm" on the pre-sheet that I had to fill out. Most massages I have gone to in the past, asked the same information, but then had a hard time sticking to either gentle, firm or whatever they started with. You were perfect. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you so much.
Mark J
Massage Review I received the most relaxing massage from Gina! It put my mind as well as my body at ease.
chase Cunningham
massage therapy review Relaxing, very professional and polite. I will definitly be making return visits to see Ms.Veronesi and the staff at Sacred Senses Spa. Thank you very much for your time and services.
Mind reader...or rather body reader Best massages I've ever had. I'm there to relax and zone out but Gina always finds the tight spots (generally the muscles groups I've most recently trained) without me having to say anything. She has an accupressure style that I've never had before (generally just rubbing and kneading) that is incredibly effective and surprisingly relaxing. I highly recommend!
Much needed Massage Had a relaxing 90 minute massage and felt so much better afterwards. Gina listened to the area I needed help with and worked her magic. Thank you~
Scot Thompson
Oh My Goodness "OMG" First, let me say thank you Ms Veronesi! For anyone considering getting a massage, look no further. Ms Veronesi is the best Massage Therapist Ive experienced. She is very professional and courteous. I strongly recommend her as a Massage Therapist. Secondly, Im aready booked for my next appointment. Scot
Outstanding Experience Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina is great; she is professional, courteous, and provides an overall outstanding experience!
Martha H
Over-whelmed!!! My daughter got me a 90 minute session with Gina at Sacred Senses Spa for my birthday. I am a sixty-one years young boomer that presented to Gina with : a history of stroke at age 42, and caregiver burn-out (husband with dementia and full time Mimi to 13 month old grand-daughter and 4 year old grandson from 9a.m. Sunday till 4p.m. Friday (parents are in Sachse and I am in Mesquite and I am actively seeking home in Sachse}. I also have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic insomnia, high blood pressure, asthma, COPD, and stress levels beyond through the roof. I requested the 90 minute deep tissue massage. I wanted to jump off the table at times and I was sore for a few days after. I had to reschedule the following week as above mentioned grand-daughter was ill. My next appointment was yesterday. It was heavenly! I know from past experience it will take some time to get the kinks worked out and that a maintenance program will also be necessary, but with the way I feel after only two sessions I literally can't wait until it's time for my next session. Amazing how my whole psyche has changed! I am calmer, more focused, my fingers, neck, shoulders and knees are moving a bit free-er, my whole outlook has changed...the fog is lifting, I am resting more and I wake up actually look forward to the day instead of saying a prayer that the Lord just help me make it through another day. Gina's hands are worth more than any medication for depression/anxiety. Gina is the consummate professional. It has taken me 4 years to find her (moved here from Arkansas) and I promise you she is a keeper and I am so grateful. Thank you Gina!
Sabra B
Perfect Gina is a truly gifted masseuse, she knew instinctively where aches & pains were I didn't even realize I had. I left feeling renewed & more relaxed than I had in a very long time.
Tracy W
Perfect I asked for a relaxing massage after a bout with daily migraines. I left feeling more comfortable than I had in days. I give a perfect rating!
Jan S
Professional & Beneficial Massage Massage is not just a feel-good thing. It's a do-your-body-a-favor thing. It helps move toxins up and out of your system, and alleviates pain from repetitive action. Gina knows what she's doing and finds those specials points for YOU. I love relaxing under her care.
Tabitha C
Great massage One of the best deep tissue massages I've had in a long time. Looking forward to returning.
Professional, detailed, and courteous. Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist Gina is a professional, courteous, and approachable in during my first visit at the Spa. The center well prepared to receive the spa treatment, which made it inviting to for anyone to return back to more sessions. Thank you for the great care and service I received from you, Gina.
Holly S
Professional & Relaxing I do not have massages regularly, so this was a real treat! Gina's room, music, atmosphere & professionalism made the experience completely relaxing! I will recommend her to my friends.
Debbie N
Relaxed I have many tension & inflammation issues. Gina was perfect for what I needed.
Julie W
Relaxed Gina is an expert at what she does, I always feel relaxed and destressed after my massage. I appreciate all you do! Hope I get my Christams wish for another package next year, Julie
Debbie N
RELAXED! I am always at peace and calm when I leave a massage with Gina. The healing power in her hands is amazing, gentle but firm and always exactly what I need.
Scott M
Relaxing and Relieving! Gina is outstanding. Great technique. My trouble spots have met their match.
Marsha V
Relaxing massage Gina does such a wonderful thorough massage. It's so nice to be in a large, uncluttered therapy room. I also loved that the room was not overwhelmed with aromatherapy fragrances competing with each other. I look forward to my next appt!
Julie W
Relaxing Amazing will be back
Repeat customer Very satisfied and I'll continue to return.
Chrissy M
review Best massage I have ever had. Thank you so much
Sheena P
Review It was absolutely wonderful!
guylynn a
Review massage What a great relaxing treat! Thanks
charles thompson
Satisfaction Gina is a true professional and good at what she do!
Al B
Stress Relief Gina's touch is very relaxing and soothing to aching muscles stressed from exercise and tension. She is also a wonderful person to talk to, yet very professional. I highly recommend her .
Marty C
Superior Massage Gina is an outstanding massage therapist.
Marty C
Superlative Massage Gina is a highly professional massage therapist who provides exceptional massage therapy.
Martin C
Superlative Massage I have been employing massage therapy for many years and Gina provides a superior massage
Blanca M
Swedish Massage by Gina Thank you Gina for a great massage. you hit the right spots.
Brenda F
Terrific Massage! My 90 minute massage was heavenly. Thanks so much!
Thomas G
Thank you Gina!!! Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I was very pleased with Gina's professionalism. I was very comfortable, and very relaxed - I will definetly follow up with another massage from her soon.
Rick S
To Infinity and Beyond! As Buzz Lightyear would say. Gina is AMAZING! I have had three massages from her and she takes me to the outer reaches of the universe.
Tranquility Massage Gina did an awesome job! She was very personable and professional. I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I left feeling relaxed and I was 100% satisfied with the service. I would definitely go back and also recommend her to others.
Carla D
Massage I receive both physical and mental health going to Gina. Highly recommend
Stacy S
Massage Very happy and will come back.
massage great massage... would definitely come again
Beckie N
Upper body massage Very pleased. Best massage I have ever had ! So happy with Gina I posted her card on my FaceBook page. I will definitely be booking another !
Brittany L
Tranquility Massage Gina does such a good job! I've used her several times since January and each time she's so sweet and caring. Always asks where I'm feeling tense/need special attention. Clean. Soo sweet. Great at what she does. As a special bonus she adds powerful essential oils to really tense areas, making her customers feel genuinely cared for. I've recommended her to several friends and will continue to go to Gina
Donna Y
upper body Had a great message. Very relaxing thank u so much.plan on going back for some more of that r&r
Connie W
Very Relaxing My massage with Gina was just what I needed. . .she really focused on the areas I mentioned. Very nice atmosphere, conducive to true relaxation. Gina is super.
cyndi u
very relaxing! Had a massage by Gina yesterday after a stressful day at work! Was wonderful, very relaxing! She is wonderful! Will definately be back!
Robyn B
Wonderful experience I would highly recommend Gina. My massage was lovely, very relaxing, and just the right pressure. I will be going back!
Glenda H
Wonderful Experience Very relaxing. Complete experience was very peaceful.
Rosie B
very relaxing deep tissue massage Very beneficial massage. I always get a deep tissue massage before running a marathon. My muscles and entire body feel refreshed. ♥
Cathy W
Very Theraputic I've been to several massage therapists over the last 15 years and honestly feel that Gina is one of the best. She has a great technique, strong hands but has enough control over pressure that I haven't experienced any excessive thumb pressure which a lot of other therapist are prone to do. I try to schedule 90 mins. each time because I know my body gets the best benefit out of that. Honestly, Gina is worth the $. I have recommended her to several people already. :)
Kari W
Wonderful massage Review of Gina Veronesi , Licensed Massage Therapist I have been to her a few times and I'm always so impressed! I enjoy firm pressure and she is very consistent through the whole massage!
sherri w
Wonderful Massage I've been going to Gina several months now and always walk away feeling wonderful. She is very professional and listens to what you need. I am very thankful to have found her.
Marilyn M
Wonderful Massage I received a full body massage and the massage bed was heated, the music was very relaxing and I felt very comfortable. Great massage!
Janet W
Wonderful massage Found this Spa through a Groupon. Pleasantly surprised and have been back several times since. Always leave feeling relaxed.
Wonderful Massage Gina is excellent! I absolutely love her massages and would highly recommend her to anyone. Since I started seeing her, I don't go anywhere else.
April B
Wonderful massage! Gina is a fantastic therapist who truly took the time to cater to all of the issues I wanted to address. She put me at ease right away and her energy was welcoming and warm. I left feeling fantastic and I look forward to seeing her again soon!
Rhonda T
swedish massage Gina is a seasoned pro! What a wonderful relaxing and calming way to spend an hour. I highly reccomend her to anyone wanting a great massage!
Matt P
Gina Veronesi Gina provided a very convenient,very relaxing, chair massage wonderfully tailored for my specific tension areas. Her recipe blended a very deep-tissue style for the high tension areas along with a therapeutic approach to relaxation. Very enjoyable and convenient. Looking forward to next time...
Megan M
BEST! Best massage ive ever had, and I didnt feel like i was rushed. i loved it!
Sonja H
A quiet blessing Gina is a very calm, quiet, serene person. I am very uptight so being around her is a blessing, even without the massage. She is very responsive to my requests and easy to interact with. I have been receiving chair massages from her at work twice a week for two months now. They have made a noticeable reduction in the neck and shoulder pain that I have been experiencing for nearly half a year. The massages are also teaching me to recognize tightness throughout the day and let it go. I look forward to my time with Gina!
J. Sides
Great massage Gina is very good at locating and working on "trouble spots". She is great at applying just the right amount of pressure to relieve the tension without going so deep that it is painful. Great massage.
Dave G
Massages! Strong techniques, great concentration on problem points, excellent massages (best I've ever experienced). Very calm, soothing approach--can't wait till the next one!
Mike L.
Massage Service I have seen Gina 3 times now and each time I come away more impressed with her ability to find and get rid of my many knots, aches and pains. I look forward to continued sessions with massages I've ever had!!
Susie C
Massage Hi Gina! I must say.. that might have been one of the best massages I have ever gotten. :) Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming back, and will recommend you to others. I like the ease of using paypal.. (because I never have cash) Thanks again.
Steven C
Incredible I needed a deep tissue massage and at my request that is exactly what I received, incredible experience. Gina was kind, courteous and professional.
Kim H
Stress Buster A quick way to relieve tension in the neck & shoulders.
Cindy S
Pulled muscle I had pulled a muscle in my back and had limited turning to one side. After one 10 min and two days later, a 15 min chair massage my pain was completely gone. I will definitely repeat massages with Gina.
Joshua F
Great Job I really appreciated her attention to detail to help my back problems. I walked away feeling a lot better. It was the first time in many years that my muscles in my back, neck and legs weren’t causing me pain. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again.
al w
Table Massage Went in sore, left no soreness. Pain came back the next morning but went away completely in the afternoon. I attribute the pain relief to Gina's expert pressure point knowledge and her application. Plan to return soon. al
Relaxing Gina is caring and very professional. She listened to the issues I was having with shoulder & neck pain and provided relief. Relaxing environment
Robert R
Gina I am a massage therapist myself, and Gina is my massage therapist! Awesome massage! Excellent pressure and she takes the time to work the muscles, not just hit them real quick and move on. Gina really knows her stuff!
Linda S
Wonderful!!!!! Gina is very professional and super caring!
Kim R
Awesome ! Review of Gina Veronesi , Certified Hypnotist It was my first time here and was sooo good! I will be back.
Ashlee P
AWESOME this was my first time to ever get a massage, and it was absolutely wonderful!